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Supercharged Pearl Flutes

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One task I have taken an interest in lately is creating supercharged Pearl Flutes that tend to work in overdrive when compared to the standard fare.

Taking a number of extra steps in post-factory production creates a flute that is two or three times as responsive as the factory-finished products.

Peal flutes lend themselves particularly well to these steps. These involve handfinishing some parts of the flute as well as replacing pads and felts with upgraded alternatives.

If you are a flute player or teacher that already prefers pearl flutes over other brands, then the results of this work may surprise you. This could be the next best alternative to buying a professional level flute.

Intermediate vs Professional Level

Have you ever thought about why a student or intermediate flute costs less than a professional flute?

A professional flute should be as well-made as you can find. It will be made from the finest materials and workshop techniques that provide strong parts with fine tolerances.

Providing such a high level of workmanship means many hours of time building the product. Flutes will only function at their best with this level of manufacture.

The result is the creation of a flute that costs around $15,000 to $25,000. In comparison, a student flute only costs around $800 and an intermediate flute will range from $2000 to $6000.

So how can flute manufacturers cut so much from the cost of a flute?

Intermediate Flute Compromises

All student and intermediate instruments come with small compromises associated with the lower costs compared to professional instruments (professional flutes usually cost more than AU$10,000 compared to intermediate flutes in the $2000-6000 range). Think of it like a small compact or family car, compared to a high-performance sports car or top-spec SUV.

Creating Supercharged Pearl Flutes

At Orchestral Winds, we can take your intermediate Pearl flute and hand-finish it in the same manner that the world’s best artisans manufacture elite professional flutes – taking the performance of your beloved Pearl to the next level.

This process involves, but is not limited to:

  • Installation of state-of-the-art professional “Schmidt” key pads from Germany
  • Precision hand-levelling of the tone holes to ensure a perfect seal – improving response and sound quality
  • Minute adjustments to fit and alignment of posts, rods and key cups to improve action and long-term stability of the flute’s keywork mechanism

The process can be done to any Pearl 665, 695, 765 or 795 intermediate flute – whether you’ve owned it for years, or just purchased one brand new or second-hand!

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