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Orchestral Winds is committed to achieving excellence in woodwind repair for oboe, flute, clarinet and bassoon.

Hallmarks of the business include:

  • High quality repair and servicing
  • High level of technical knowledge
  • Customer education

Commitment to Quality

For the last 30 years, I have striven to achieve repairs of the highest quality. Every instrument is repaired and serviced to play at its best. This means that I not only test the instruments myself, but also work with the players to ensure that the results are optimal.

Continual Improvement

Upskilling in knowledge and skills for repair are esential to attaining the results that I strive for. New ideas and discoveries are always surfacing. Ideas and techniques evolve, new inventions are created and the science of accoustics and its relevance in our work is always ongoing. Keeping up-to-date with the new techniques and knowledge means that benefits are passed on to clients.

Educating Clients

There are no secrets in the work that I do, and any information that can be helpful to clients is passed on. This can help players to achieve the best from their instruments:

  • To increase the life of the instrument itself
  • To keep repairs in good condition for longer
  • To be able to perform simple mechanical fixes when problems arise.

During day-to-day activities, instruments can get bumped, clothing can catch on keys and springs, making it easy for adjustments to go out of alignment. For those looking to maintain their instrument at its best, or to keep servicing costs low, this information can be invaluable.

How My Background Led to Orchestral Winds

When I left school, the combination of a music degree (in clarinet performance) and employment with Berrington and Card, woodwind and brass repairers, was perfect. Not only did I develop the skills needed for high-level performance, but I also learned how the instrument makes a difference to the ease or difficulty in attaining that performance.

That led to my testing every instrument after repair as a kind of a ‘policy’. Thankfully, the business that I worked for differentiated itself by focussing on quality. High quality repairs, and only high quality instruments in sales, whether that was second-hand or new.

As a player, I personally had a desire for this knowledge – knowledge of the instrument and the mechanics behind it – and I know other players are often keen to know this knowledge too. I began to disseminate knowledge to our clients, at this time, and the information was extremely well-received.

This was a great experience, showing me that people like to be in control of their own situations – not only to achieve long-term resuts, but also to overcome short-term mechanical issues that surface at inopportune times.

This is something that I have come to focus on over the years, and hope that this is also of value to you too.

Learn more about my background and how my skills have developed over the years here.

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