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Guarantee of Absolute Satisfaction

You will be absolutely satisfied with the service or repair at Orchestral Winds. If you believe the result could be better, I will refund the money you have paid, and organise for your instrument to be repaired, at my own expense, with a repairer of your choice.

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New to Servicing?

Find detailed instructions on the Servicing Page…

Difficulty Booking?

Send me a message, requesting a booking, on the contact page.

Reminder Note to Service Flute
Reminder Note to Service Flute

Service Your Instrument

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Servicing a flute

What is involved in a service?

What happens when your instrument is serviced? Does every repairer perform the same work?

Is one service the same as any other?

Find out what happens to your instrument at the Orchestral Winds workshop.

Find Your Brand

Every brand has its anomalies. Each one needs to be treated differently.

Different types of screws. Different types of key pins. Varied construction.

Find your brand and learn more about it, here.

How to Test Your Instrument

Discover how to test an instrument before and after a service.

Those who are skilled in this practice can detect particular types of leaks in pads, simply by playing the instrument.

This is a good practice for anyone to cultivate, as it can force the player to become more aware of resonance and more sensitive to finger pressures.

How to Lower Your Servicing Costs

There are many factors that work against you when you own an instrument.

These factors can determine how quickly your instrument’s components can age and wear out.

The best care techniques can keep your instrument in better shape for longer. This means that services will be smaller, less costly, and can be spaced further apart if desired.

Find out what to do, here.