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Guarantee of Satisfaction

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Every musician wants to have their instrument serviced right. For some, their livelihoods depend on it, but the standard guarantees are not convincing at all.

Finding someone that you can trust with your instrument can be a daunting task.

The fear of never having your instrument work quite right is real. The thought of moving from repairer to repairer in search of the right one is laborious, as well as costly.

Most musicians prefer to suffer the defects of an instrument they know, rather than be presented with a new set of defects from an unsatisfactory service. It prevents many musicians from having their instruments serviced at all.

Here is my solution to the situation:

I guarantee that your serviced instrument will be working at its best, without reservation. Because, if it is not, I will be paying for someone else to improve it.

I guarantee that the quality and effectiveness of the service I provide will leave you completely satisfied. Otherwise I will refund the money you have paid, and pay for servicing to be carried out with a repairer of your choice, if you believe that the result could be better.

With this guarantee, you can be sure that you will always receive the best outcome for the needs for your instrument and for your music. By this guarantee, I want absoutely no question about the work carried out here:

Every instrument leaves here operating at the highest level within the service type that the customer has requested.

As a musician myself, I know the stresses that are a part of performing. That is why I always kept my own instruments in top performing condition. And that’s why I commit to do the same for you.

The needs for each musician are not entirely the same, so it is important for me to know the musicians as well as the goals that they strive for. Although many of our instruments can be fairly ‘standard’, the musicians that play them are entirely individual, and this is where servicing discussions take a turn.

Outside of our discussions of servicing, feel free to peruse this site to discover the details that capture my focus, the information that can be of benefit to you as well as the ways that I can support you further in your musical journey. The guarantee I offer here is not just a prop or a tactic to gain your attention. It’s a fundamental aspect of my work, my beliefs, and the mission of this business.

Learn more about my background and how my skills have developed over the years here, and find out what Orchestral Winds stands for in this page.

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